Survey (customer feedback) in multi-language

It is currently not able to create more than one survey for each type of survey (customer loyalty survey, customer support, customer experience).


It would be great if it's able to create more than one survey for each type of survey so that users can create multiple surveys in multiple languages. 

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This would be a must have. Customer Satisfaction should be requested in the language of the customer. Could you make this procedure SMART based on customer lists or even better, customer properties? (Country, Language, ...)

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for the input! We're currently exploring solutions for this. I'll keep this thread updated when we're closer to a beta!

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Any news on this?

We need a better solution for multilanguage as well. Other vendors as, delighted, asknicely and satismeter all offer a better multilanguage solution.

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Also happy to exchange with you during a phone call or webex. A solution would really be requested to make this tool usfuel in daily operation. thanks.

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Upvote from me as well - I was also looking for a solution that will let me send a separate surveys to our customers accordingly to their language Smiley Happy

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+1 We really need to create more than 1 survey!