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Survey Tools: anonymous referral codes for each participant

HubSpot's marketing form tools allow me to create a form that I can use as a survey instrument. I can even prefill respondent information in the form fields by appending personalized http request variables to the survey link when I send the invite from a HubSpot email template. The problem is that  I don't want to embed personally identifiable information into the form link. Normally, the personalized http request variables are meant to autofill a user's name or email address. I could create a new field for each contact and put a random id in each, either manually or through a batch import. The problem is that this won't scale well if I send out more than one survey, as I will need to add a new survey respondent id field for each survey. 


I woud love it if HubSpot could create a new feature that would combine the usefulness of a dynamic contact list with the ability to associate a new randomized referral code to each user in the list. I could then send a mass email to my contacts when I do a customer survey, and each invitation email will append this anonymous referral code to the embedded link for the survey form. I could then receive the referral code in each survey response and be able to tie each survey response to the contact to whom I originally sent the survey invitation.


This would make it very easy for my team to quickly create a customer survey, build a sample list from a set of contacts, send out anonymized invitation links, and be able to match survey results against the original sample list. We wouldn't have to create a new contact field for each survey we run or manually generate referral ids each time we build a new list of contacts to send the survey to.

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