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Support multicurrency for deals coming from salesforce

Actually when deals are imported from SFDC, if we have multiple currencies managed in SFDC, it's imported with default currency in HubSpot. 

Ex. a deal of 100k USD in SFDC, will be imported in HubSpot has 100k EUR deal if the currency by default is EUR. 

It's something covered here :

Considering that HubSpot is going upstream in the value chain of customers, the HubSpot + SFDC in a international context will happen more often. Therefore, I think that issue should be addressed, since it can be a real show stopper for new clients / clients going international.

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That would be really important once we see even more companies using Hubspot going international.


I'm surprised this doesn't already exists, and even more surprised your idea has only 5 upvotes.


It baffles me in this multi currency world with international trade this does not exsit.  It basically renders the SF to Hubspot sync useless in a multi currency company


This is really frustrating for us. We report in $ but we sell in multi-currency so really need this to be able to sync correctly. Has anyone come up with a work around?


Yes.  This is what I did


So I created a custom field in Hubspot to stored the currency code.  I then created a workflow to populate the currency code from the deal currency.  I then updated the hubspot to SF field mapping to sync the hubspot custom currency code field to the currency code field in SF.

These means when a deal is created in Hubspot and synced to SF.  Its gets the currency code.




I'm also surprised that such feature doesn't exist yet, as it is essential for any correct sync of deals between Salesforce and Hubspot. Our use case is that all deals are created in Salesforce and then synced to Hubspot for a reporting reference, but since all Amounts are in multiple currencies in Salesforce and only USD in Hubspot, all revenue report/attribution numbers are basically **bleep** up and useless. Is there something on a roadmap in near future that would solve this problem many customers are facing, Hubspot? 


C'mon Hubspot this is fundamental to International businesses. Can we please have functionality to import both currencies into Hubspot. Default, and deal currency.

I'm unable to report accuratly to stakeholders (from hubspot) on value of our pipeline or give any accurate financial and marketing ROI reporting without having to a manual currency exchange. Which fluctuated regularly .

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This is a must have feature - without it HubSpot's reporting & attribution simply doesn't work.


Love and need this idea!