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Support for apple iOS universal links (deep links).


Companies that have custom iOS apps need to be able to support universal links (deep links). This is where a user gets a link (via email or through other means), taps on that link, and then iOS automatically opens the company app referenced in that link.


Currently, it's not possible with hubspot, because we cannot upload to the root folder. It's simple to fix, all that apple requires is for us to host a static json file at See apple documentation:


I asked support about this, and they agreed it's not currently possible, see


One possible solution: give us access to the /.well-known/ folder, without needing to give us access for the root folder.


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I have come up against this same issue, not being able to upload an apple-app-site-association file means our iOS users can't have links open in their native apps.


As mentioned in the original post allowing uploads to a /.well-known/ folder would solve this issue and also be useful in other situations as well.


Hey! Has the universal link issue been looked into? It would also be important for Android. Our core product is a mobile app and the use case would be directing customers to specific places in our apps from our automation emails. 


A use case for us:

A customer searches for a rental property in multiple different locations in London & say has a high budget to spend on rent. We would recommend areas or properties which could also be of interest, based on our data. The CTA link would direct them straight there. 


Can't add any technical input 🙂

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Hi Derek_Gervais,


I was unable to redirect the URL, it says "Reserved URL. The URL you used is reserved."


What I did was, I uploaded a json file in the HubSpot file directory, path is something like:



Then, I pasted the above URL in the original URL input field under Settings > Add URL Redirect, and input this URL below in the Redirect to input field:



Please let me know if I am missing something. Many thanks!





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Hey @alponce


Is the original URL something you've copied directly from the file manager? It doesn't look exactly correct, but it's tough to say without seeing your account. The "Reserved URL" error generally occurs when the original & redirect URLs are swapped, or when there's already content at the Original URL.


Hi @Derek_Gervais this problem hasn't been solved--we still aren't allowed to redirect to that well-known folder. I get the same error message as the previous poster, where it is a reserved URL. 

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Hey all,


I want to provide a live example from my own test account, including a screenshot of the proxy redirect, to help clear up some of the confusion around this. So for this example, I need to host a JSON file at

  1. The first thing I need to do is to upload my JSON file to the filemanager. Once this file is uploaded, I'll need to copy the file's public URL. An important thing to note here is that you must change the file's domain to a domain you have hosted with HubSpot. The default file manager domains are not supported by the proxy redirect process. Here's a screenshot of this JSON file & file domain in my test account:
  2. Once you have the JSON file uploaded to the file manager & you've copied the file URL on your domain, you'll need to create a proxy redirect. The Original URL must be the URL at which you want the JSON file to appear; in this case, we want this URL to be our apple-app-site-association file in the .well-known directory. My Original URL is: The Redirect to URL must be the URL at which your JSON file is hosted; in this case, we want it to be the file URL we copied earlier. My Redirect to URL is: Here's a screenshot of what the proxy redirect should look like:
  3. Finally, save the redirect, and navigate to the Original URL you specified in your proxy redirect. The result should be your apple-app-site-association JSON file hosted at the appropriate domain. While my JSON file is just a made-up test file, you can still see my example live here:


If anyone in this thread runs into other issues with this process, please don't hesitate to reach back out!



Thanks @Derek_Gervais !





My original domain is not hosted on HS, so it is not allowing me to create the proxy redirect. Is there a workaround for this? 


Thanks, @Derek_Gervais 


Super helpful! Thanks @Derek_Gervais 


Hi @Derek_Gervais I followed the steps but I get the error message "Reserved URL. The URL you used is reserved."