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Support for a 3rd Party Mac email client


I would love to have email integration with a Mac email client.


I understand that integration with Mac Mail and Outlook for Mac is not possible given the existing design of Mail and Outlook fo Mac.


From the HS Knowledgebase:

Outlook for Mac's APIs do not allow us to issue any commands. This means that the add-in would not be able to insert a tracking pixel or a portal's BCC address into outgoing emails.

And I hear that the HS development team is working on an integration with Office 365 for Outlook Anywhere (aka webmail). But for those of us who use Macs AND and email client (rather than webmail), can you develop an intgreation wiht a 3rd-party Mac e-mail client (Spark, Postbox, Airmail, etc...)? Do any of these have APIs that would allow HubSpot to issue commands (or whatever is necessary to create the integration)?




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I am considering downloading Airmail (even the latest version of Outlook for Mac is a pig) but it will be a waste of time if it doesn't connect with Hubspot. 50% of my emails need to be logged in Hubspot. Any idea if this will happen?


Pleas team engineer can you work on integration with Airmail version will be much appreciated for all HS customer that uses Airmail as an e-mail agregator !

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I feel this is not ready yet. They are not interested to add the integration to the 3rd party email client and they are not willing to expose the API.


please, yes. Gmail is atrocius.