Support for Smart content on external websites (like Wordpress) just like smart CTA's w/ embed code

Smart CTA's can be added to any external website (for example Wordpress), by injecting the JavaScript embed code HubSpot can create for CTA's.


Similarly, it should be possibly to add smart content to websites hosted outside of HubSpot (in particular Wordpress), by embedding JavaScript code in the same way this already works for smart CTA's.

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@Larmahil Thank you for the clarification, I think I haven't been clear with the use-case. 

I want to control the content on an external website, where the content belongs to the external site and not hubspot. I just want to use hubspot checks to show either contentA or contentB. But both contentA and contentB belong to my external site and not in HubSpot's CMS.

I don't see how that can be achieved using your solution.

But I think it's a good solution to show forms or other stuff depending on the user's previous interaction, but of course the content should all be in HubSpot.

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@umair In your use-case you are not talking about Hubspot Content, so I would recommend looking at your CMS for a solution.  HubSpot is an amazing set of tools but it can only control content which it hosts or creates.  If you use Wordpress as your CMS you may want to look into an A/B content plugin.  

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Not a fan of iframes, but a solution we have found for forms was to use a Smart CTA and add the code for the form. I haven't tested it with content, so I am not sure if there are any limitations. 


Using the Smart CTA feature, we were able to show forms depending on whether the user had already filled out a form or some other user action.