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Support for Smart content on external websites (like Wordpress) just like smart CTA's w/ embed code

Smart CTA's can be added to any external website (for example Wordpress), by injecting the JavaScript embed code HubSpot can create for CTA's.


Similarly, it should be possibly to add smart content to websites hosted outside of HubSpot (in particular Wordpress), by embedding JavaScript code in the same way this already works for smart CTA's.



(sorry, distracted by InDesign suddenly giving me the dreaded Error 0 on an important document)


So then let's say: "sources and direct experience seem to indicate that Google interprets content on a subdomain as poor user experiences in many cases, thus harming SERP's."


There are probably many additional factors that contribute to this beyond the subdomain/subfolder conundrum:


1) Subdomain content not part of your primary sitemap.xml


2) Subdomain content, such as landing pages typically don't have navigation (we know Google doesn't like that)


3) Subdomain content on 3rd party landing page providers typically have poor pagespeed scores unless the developer takes the time to craft optimized custom templates


4) Landing pages on subdomains typically have very high bounce rates (we know Google doesn't like that)


5) Landing pages on subdomains typically have no navigation path from the primary website (we know Google doesn't like unnavigable pages)


Ok, so not sure how this magically became an SEO discussion, but, as useful as the tools are, we personally file "SEMrush's recent AI-powered analysis of Google search returns" and "Moz's AI-powered analysis of Google search returns" on the same stack of dusty articles labeled 'stop wasting time on things that no longer matter'.


To put it another way, Google's increasingly relentless campaign to DOMINATE SERPs by answering questions without visitors ever needing to click on a website is quickly doing more to declaw manipulation of organic SEO than black hat practices have ever done in the past.




Believing any non-Google AI can accurately monitor, track, or (much less) manipulate the outcome of Google's AI is at best naive and at worst counterproductive.


Rand Fishkin did a WBF on it years ago and Dr. Pete runs an ongoing lab that he updates regularly (MozCast?). Basically, the writing has been on the organic SEO wall for years ...

-- build content that Google finds difficult to turn into Google Answers! (e.g., branded video).
-- build content that if Google does turn into Google Answers will still complement your overarching marketing strategy.


I think Brian Dean said it best (paraphrasing) ... if you build the best killer content AND get people to backlink to it and share, Google HAS to follow. Either that, or admit that their AI isn't actually serving 'the best answers to visitor queries'.


Would love to join in on the SEO frey, but gotta get back to work now. 🙂


Have fun.

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@MFrankJohnson - you are right, we got off topic...sorry about that.


BTW, love that you paraphrased Brian Dean. 



Due to the lack of support from Hubspot, I was thinking in develop a simpler version myself.

My current plan is:

  • To have a serverless function (AWS Lambda) that receives an email or id and fetch the contact info;
  • We can call this function via an specific URL;
  • Fetch the contact properties;
  • Validate (possibliy fetching DB or any other rule) and return results we want so we can change the bahviour of our website/system.

This should 'replace' the smart  content.


 This functionality is standard in other marketing automation solutions like Marketo and Mautic.  I believe the only reason Hubspot won't implement this is because they want to try to force everyone to use their native CMS.


Came looking for a solution for this and was sad to find that there was not really one. 


Best idea I have at this time to solve for this would be to embed an iframe (yes, gross but its all I got right now) of a landing page using a custom template from Hubspot on the external page where I want it.  I am not really happy with it, but I think it will work.


Our problem was trying to get some targeted marketing (smart content) into our customer base within our application.  So we know exactly where we will put the content and how we want to build the layout.  I think this will work but I am all ears on if anyone else has had any other ideas or examples of how they have utilized the smart content on external pages or in applications.  


If Hubspot wants to keep people within their "CMS" they can still accomplish this request with the use of embeddable smart sections or something like that.  Just like a form, allow customers to embed a section of content (including CTA) on an external page.  They would create those sections and all that data in the CMS, and just like a form, Hubspot would still be able to collect all the information on that section (views, clicks, etc...).  I am not sure what they have to lose by offering this.  



See RightMessage ($79/mo)

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Brilliant @MFrankJohnson 


I will take a better look at that. 

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I've since long given up on this idea.


In fact, I've given up on putting Hubspot JavaScript in our site header. The JS was responsible for a near 30 point penalty on Google's PageSpeed Insights. After removing it, our score is above 90 for mobile and bounce rate has dropped, SEO has improved, and new leads are up.



This is very interesting, are you using any HubSpot embeds at all then? like the forms or CTA? 


I am guessing you're not using the analytics feature since you removed the JS, but that would also mean your leads don't have the infromation about which pages they visited. I would like to know more about how this is working out for your team as we also have pagespeed issues and we use HubSpot's script for analytics and livechat.


Thank you.




We're relying on Google Analytics for site performance data. In the time that the Hubspot JS has been removed, SQL generation has increased over 200%. So far, missing the analytics data for new leads has not caused any issues with the sales folks. HS chat (obviously) has also been disabled, but we only receive a handful of chat leads annually, so I doubt it will be an issue.


I never used HS CTA's on the site; their performance was horrible (insofar as user experience). Instead, I use TagManager to know what is clicked. The only embedded HS code is the forms.


Most importantly, mobile bounce rate has come down to nearly the same level as desktop. Faster site: more engaged mobile traffic.

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If you are you GTM, why not put the HS script there? That is what we do and see no performance issues on our WP sites. CTA's work fine for us as well. 


I haven't noticed any performance difference between our client site on WP with or without HS script. 




We may try that at some point. I want to first give more time to the current test and any SERP improvements (which there seems to be). 


Our situation is typical of B2B solution providers: site visitors tend to be on company-issued desktop devices, well over 60% are not on current browsers/OS... so we need to be pragmatic about how much JS we deliver.

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Interesting....our typical client is also B2B but luckily we haven't had to worry about old browser and technology. Could be the industry though. I know healthcare is notorious for having old computers. 






I need a way of changing the content of an externally hosted page based on IP address etc.


I tried to hack this by placing html content in a custom "CTA".  But when i do this the whole object becomes a link.


what I need is a way to include custom html that may / or may not contain one or more links.


You CAN add smart content to any NON-HubSpot hosted website page using an iframe:


1) Create a simple template in your design manager, removing both header and footer and placing a richtext block within the content area.

2) Publish a website page or landing page using this template and your SMART content rules.

3) Use the URL of this page in an iFrame (goolge free iframe generator and you will have several options)

4) Emed <iframe> on your non-hubspot hosted page. 


View an example here (4th section):


@Anonymous your solution will not work in my case at least, as I want to control the content of my website by the smart content rules, and not just show content directly from HubSpot.

E.g. I would like to show a greeting to the person coming on my website if they already submitted a form on my site. Or maybe I want to modify the content of most of the page depending on visitors last interactions


@umair  thats actually exactly what the solution offers.  if you view the demo section I mentioned as a visitor who has not filled out a form you will see one block of content but fill in the email subscribe form and revisit the page you will see a completely different block of content.  this method works for ANY of the 6 rule parameters HubSpot sets for Smart content.