Support filtering of deals based on attachments

Being able to treat "Attachments" as a property. 


Simply put: Deals -> Filter -> Attachments -> Yes/No



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our problem:

you can have multiple attachments within a deal (i.e. multiple versions of the offers) but there is only one that is the signed contract when the deal is closed. We need to be able to point out which attachment this is. (because we need Hubspot to know which attachment should be "sent" to Exact through the API).



There has to be some sort of property for attachments, or some sort of tick-box that indicates the final/signed attachment.

Or an extra field type within attachments where you can select "signed" (as attachment type) for the attachment that is the signed contract. 

Or you could add a feature: type of attachment, so you would be able to  differentiate attachments. For example: signed contracts, quotes, presentations, etc.

Then, in the API you would be able to get the specific attachment that you need (instead of all attachments).

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Great idea.  This should be dead simple to implement.