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Support Light and Dark Mode for Marketing Emails

Marketing emails look great for light mode but when the customer views the email in dark mode the entire design is thrown off. It would be nice if Hubspot supported the ability to control what emails looked like in both light and dark mode.

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As someone who uses dark mode, this has become a huge pet peeve of mine - so many emails use jpg with white background instead of png and you end up with little white boxes all over the email.


While this is only one factor many businesses are overlooking, I think dark mode is going to be around for a while and there should at least be a toggle to preview in dark mode - if not a separate version like the plain text editor.


I'm a huge fan of this idea! I'm also a person who uses dark mode, so can really appreciate how important it would be to enable conditional email content based on dark mode. This also makes me wonder if this is part of / the true reason image-laden emails never have very good click throughs... Is everyone out there on dark mode and we just don't know it? (See other dev idea: Dark Mode Email Stats)


Here's an example for which I reckon a lot of people out there would really love conditional dark mode email editing. Our company logo in full colour is black and blue; we would need to use the full white version to be visible in a dark mode email. We can't use one or the other - the full colour wouldn't show up on dark mode and the full white wouldn't show up in light mode.


Here's an A/B test until this capability is available:

  • Variant A: full email on a typical field of white / other light colour
  • Variant B: full email on a "dark mode friendly" field of black (I guess the question here is, for those users who use light mode, would it look like we're in mourning or would it simply stand out in the crowd?)

Has anyone tried it before?


Bumping here as well! Would love to be able to segment out dark mode users and target them with different designs to be able to optimize our designs as a whole! Would love to be able to see the stats of how many people have it implemented on their phones. 


Does anyone know if this has been added to HubSpot? 

I know that we can preview the email for Dark Mode, but can we edit accordingly? 

Our issue is that our yellow buttons look really bad in Dark Mode and we're trying to figure out how to keep them yellow in normal mode, but edit them in dark mode. 


Any ideas? 


Dark mode is used by nearly 90% of the mobile population. The ability to maintain design across modes within HubSpot is detrimental to the success of businesses utilizing the marketing email feature.

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Absolutely agree. There's another forum idea asking for the same feature. Please check it out and upvote it:


Boosting this! Would love this functionality. 


This is SOOO needed! My team uses special coded sections that rely on coded color backgrounds and pngs for the design. Dark mode completely ruins it, but it's fixable with some coding magic. (see:


Unfortunately, the drag and drop mode throws a wrench in that just adding to the complexity of it all and making our emails ugly! 😢


Slanted Section Comparisson.PNG


100% Agreed! Bumping for consideration.

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I agree that we need some tools, but I would like to point out to everyone that there currently isn't a "solution" for dark mode on the builder side of things because the email clients haven't developed a standard for how to treat it. So dark mode literally looks different depending on the which email client you are using. It's even known that the previews aren't necessarily accurate to what the end user sees.

It would be great to have the script built in that allows us to swap graphics when the recipient is in dark mode. That would help a lot.


Just came across this. spent a good bit of time designing an email, was all proud, sent a test email, and hot **bleep**! My phone (which is on dark mode) revealed that is had been completely destroyed. 


Do this already...!


Would absolutely LOVE this. It would make our emails look so much nicer and consistent looking to have the ability to control the look over both light and dark mode


Since 2021, Do Hubspot doesn't solve this big problem?

How do I disable this dark mode? My design works very well for light and dark, but for dark, it uses the wrong color.


@adriano-azos The end user controls whether or not dark mode is used. There is nothing you can do about it other than to try to design your emails so that they work either way. There is some CSS that can help, but every email client approaches dark mode differently, so nothing works universally.

To my knowledge, HubSpot has yet to address dark mode in email at all.


It is 2024 and we still don't have this very very important feature? Please consider the implementation like A/B email or version 1 version 2, etc.


It seems that everything displays normally on Apple in dark mode but not in Gmail and Outlook. Help, my emails look horrible with choppy boxes in dark mode. Even if the drag-and-drop images are PNGs, the text box inserts in HubSpot display differently, so there's a contrast.