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Support Index Now for SEO with Bing and other search engines

We are working through an issue with one client who hosts their website on Hubspot CMS. Bing stopped indexing their pages in August 2022. Prior to that date indexing was fine. 


Researching this Bing (and Microsoft) is suggesting we install IndexNow ( on the website. CloudFlare has native support for IndexNow but we do not have access to HubsSpots version that is used on our websites hosted by Hubspot. 


Upon researching futher, to manually set it up, we need to place an api key in the root domain. Since we cannot do that on Hubspot we are using the workaround by uploading the file and using a Hubspot Redirect. 


So far so good. The next problem comes when updating search engines like bing, you need to run a script that submits the pages that changed to the search engine. Cannot do that with Hubspot, even though Hubspot knows when page content changes. 


The idea is for Hubspot to either support configuring CloudFlare to update search engines automatically when website pages change or to natively support Index Now and send notice to search engines once a day regarding URLs that have changed. 


Wordpress has two options, The Yost plugin supports Index Now and Microsoft offers a free plugin to Wordpress that does the same. 


Please support Index Now. 


Here is the Bing page on the topic.


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This would be really helpful.


The only way to go woudl be to support IndexNow natively, isn't it. Just as much as supporting Schema and all other reasonable industry-wide initiatives. Thank you very much for considering keeping up with modern CMS requirements. 

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Writing on behalf of a customer.

This is really needed so that their website can be picked up by Bing. 


Has anyone found a workaround. 

Hopefully Hubspot will start to take Bing products more seriously now as they catch up quickly with google. This along with integrated bing ads would be very welcome. 



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+1. following


+1 need a indexnow implementation in hubspot please