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Support Hours of Operation for Reporting

My reporting for Support Tickets, i.e. time to response, resolution time, etc. are all off because I'm unable to set hours of operation. 


I would love to be able to set hours of operation for my support team, i.e. 8:00am to 5:00pm MT, Monday thru Friday, so that when I'm reporting, the time not included in my hours of operation doesn't sku my response times, etc.


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Yes this would be so helpful for me and my team as well!


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I think it would be helpful to compare data for tickets received during service hours and tickets outside of normal business hours.


EX: ticket A comes in at 9 am (within business hours), takes 5 minutes to respond and 2 hours to resolve.


EX: ticket B comes in at 7 pm (outside of business hours), from 8 am the next day, takes 12 minutes to respond and 1 hour to resolve.


The report would not combine these tickets in a way that showed the average time to respond was 8.5 minutes - there would be two separate datasets, one for tickets received within business hours and one outside. This would keep the data clean. If you receive 30 tickets after hours, your time to respond when you get back to work will likely be higher than if you are working and responding to tickets in real time.


anything outside of service hours would start the clock at the beginning of the next service hour.