Support Custom Questions in the Zoom Integration


It's clear that the Zoom Integration was created to put more control of user interactions into HubSpot, and for the most part it is great. However, there are some significant limitations in the case of recurring Zoom webinars. To solve for this, the Integration includes the ability to create Contacts when webinar registrants are created in Zoom. Unfortunately, that mechanism only creates contact properties for First Name, Last Name, and Email (along with registration and attendence counts). Any other fields that the webinar owner has chosen to ask are ignored by HubSpot. The Zoom payload includes the full event object and registrant object. Couldn't we attach these data objects as to the created Contact so that at the very least we could use a Workflow to pull out any other data points that we need?

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Agreed! We need all the fields to sync over if they have respective fields in HS.