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SuperAdmin ''Login As...'' or ''TeamViewer'' feature



We have a growing number of HubSpot users, each user belongs to a team, of which there are several different teams. Each team has a different setup to any other team within the company.


It's quite a common occurrence for me, as a SuperAdmin, to get a call asking about a particular property or something odd the user can or cannot see OR be needing to set up a user profile and want to check that the profile works for that person's needs OR be discussing with my management team any number of improvements we could put in action for the team OR be training a new team member and not be able to see what the user can see OR in a training session be sharing my screen and having the user be confused because they can't see what I'm seeing or see more on my screen than they can on their own etc etc etc ... There are a number of areas the below solution could be of use and help.



As a SuperAdmin it would be great to be able to log in as/to another user from my account to see (and work on) what the user themselves can see on their screen, almost like a Teamviewer function where I (As a SuperAdmin) can essentially take control of another users screen (what they see on their screen) BUT still have SuperAdmin permissions to make fixes on the fly. 



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+ for the login-as version. Especially as Hubspot has a range of settings that only the individual user can do and not the superadmin on their behalf (e.g. email sync, calendar sync, meeting link setup, etc)




100 % huge gap. All majore CRMs have this ablity


Same. Being the Hubspot Admin & go to person, it would be nice to login as that user to see what they are seeing.
Use Case: I had 2 users who were not getting email notifications. I looked at the workflow and it was a partial error for those two users. What took 8-10 minutes for the users to confirm if they had a notification checked, could have taken me 2 minutes. 


Solution: Could be teamviewer or some type of log file showing Heather login as User A on 3.18.21@1:43pm etc.


Out of all the CRM's this is the first where I didn't have that functionality. 




Agree with this, office is rapidly expanding. This could be key to further success with HubSpot