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As a Super Admin, I would like full access to the Sales Pro tools my team is using so I can create their sequence emails and help set up their meetings tool. I would also like the ability to log in as any user so I can replicate challenges they are experiencing. 

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Totally agree with this  suggestion!

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I've just discovered that Super-Admins can't access Sequences ...even as a read-only to see what's being sent out! I'm lost for words...

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As a super admin I should be able to access sequences so I can train, edit and support users who need help. In fact, Super Admin should have sales pro turned on by default for accounts that have Sales Pro users. A good alternative would be to allow me to "impersonate" any user.

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I'd like to extend this idea. The tool offers ample ways for users to set fields and filters and run historical reports in accordance with their user rights. Super admins should be able to do the same (i.e. generate an audit log of all activity by user, user type, date range, activity type, notifications, etc.). This is common in enterprise software administration and would be helpful here to diagnose irregularities and identify challenges. 

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I second all this. As a SuperAdmin, I would love to be able to do anything that needs to be done at the Pro Sales and Service level. Being able to impersonate is a great option. Being able to impersonate also allows me to remove any meetings links that were created and need to be deleted because that sales/service person no longer works here. 

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I have the same problem, I need to set up the meeting links and email template for each memeber of my team and it would be so much easier if I didn't have to actually take their computer and stop them from working instead of doing it remotly from my account !