Summarize Email Reports and Dashboard by Multiple Campaigns

Under the Email Analysis Page where you are able to select a specific Campaign, It would be great to be able to select multiple campaigns and summarize reporting by a group of campaigns.


This feature would also be helpful in the dashboards where we would be able to things like highest performing subject line in a group of campaigns.


Our use case below:


Like most marketing departments in bigger companies, Ours is broken out by group - We have Communications, Thought Leadership, Campaign & Events, Training, Academics. I belong to the Campaign and Event subgroup of marketing. Within our group, we are running various campaigns i.e. Financial Analytics, Payment Management, and wealth management to name a few. We have these campaigns in HubSpot and our team actively associates their assets to their respective campaigns.

Now if I wanted to analyze our prior quarter or month to date (top performing emails, Subject lines, Click, opens, # of sent/delivered) I really will not be able to with any report within HubSpot. If I use the dashboard it summarizes everything including our software training emails which always have the highest performance because they are software users who signed up for training. The dashboard provides little insight.

The email analysis page is perfect because it does at the very least show you a summary of your basic email metrics, Unfortunately I am not able to select all of the campaigns that fall under the Campaign and Events Umbrella. Even better would be if the dashboard itself could narrow down by our campaigns so that our marketing users can see how everything is performing. Hopefully that helped clarify the end goal.


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I am surprised there aren't more upvotes for this.  I am finding the lack of this feature terribly frustrating.   

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+1 from me


Currently running 18 simultaneous campaigns that I need to report on separately to everything else. Having this dropdown become a multi-select list would be perfect for the reports I would like to make.