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Suggestion for HubSpot Support Form

I would like to share some feedback regarding the support form on HubSpot accounts.


As you know, when submitting a support request, users are provided with a simple text field where they can enter their message and attach files:


HubSpot contact support formHubSpot contact support form


While this is helpful, I believe there are some improvements that could greatly optimize the user experience and the effectiveness of the support process.


Firstly, I often find myself wanting to include formatted text or hyperlinks in my initial support requests to provide additional context or resources.


However, the current text field lacks the ability to format text or add hyperlinks, which can make it difficult to convey information effectively. It would be beneficial to have a rich text field, similar to the one available in the Support Inbox, to allow for better communication and clarity:


Rich text field in HubSpot Support InboxRich text field in HubSpot Support Inbox


Additionally, the size of the text field is fixed, which can be limiting for users like myself who frequently need to provide detailed information or multiple pieces of information in their support requests.


Having the ability to adjust the size of the text field would greatly improve usability and ensure that all necessary information can be included without constraints.


I believe these small improvements would go a long way in optimizing the support experience for users like myself who rely on HubSpot for assistance.