Subtopic Keyword Suggestions List Persistance

The system optimizer provides a list of Subtopic Keywords, which is great, but as soon as I use one of them, the list disappears and I cannot find the remaining ones to work into my content. Either leave that list there so I can make maximum use of it, or give me a way to retrieve the list-as a suggestion.

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I have the same question and haven't been able to find a solution or work around here. We are using the same sub topic keywords repeatedly for content, however the system doesn't provide the list as a drop down that you can select from, you have to manually enter it each time and it counts towards the '100 limit' of subtopic keywords that can be added to a Topic. I was told you have to create a new main Topic - but we're working against a set list of Topics for a clients content strategy so doesnt make sense to just keep 'creating new topics' to make room for use of more keywords.


Am curious if anyone else has run into this and what you've done, or if Hubspot is making any changes to this feature.


Each topic has a limit of 100 subtopic keywords that can be added to it. Taking a look at the Trends topic here, I see that there are already 100 pieces of content that have been added to it, which is why your colleague is running into this issue. As such, if they'd like to continue adding new subtopics, they'll need to do so from a new main topic. Each keyword can only be associated to one piece of content. More documentation here