Subscription Type Preference Emails

Currently when a subscriber clicks a link in a marketing email to manage their email preferences/subscriptions, they are presented with all subscription types checked by default.


The subscription types should not be all checked by default, when a contact has not opted-in to them all. This is a very poor and confusing user experience because even though, for example, the contact filled out a form to only opt-in to one type of subscription, visually it looks like they're subscribed to multiple/all. Because of this, they may just decide to opt-out of ALL emails, whereas they might not if it accurately showed what they had opted-in to.


Please change how this functionality works. I have not seen other platforms behave this way, and it really makes no sense from a subscriber's perspective.

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I agree

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When I realised this wasn't already the case I was so confused!!


Why isn't this a feature? How is a customer supposed to know their email preferences? And why is a link being generated associated with their email address if we aren't sending them some info from our CRM?


PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS! I will name my first child after you if we can get this in place before April.