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Subject Line for Notes

I think it would be benefical if there was a subject line for Notes within HubSpot. Similar to when you create a Meeting.


This would help our Sales Team out a lot by not having to open the details for each Note, but rather looking at the subject line to see if it is relevant to the account.

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Could also be helpful if there was a subtype for notes.  I have recurring notes throughout the month that I sometimes want to see all at once.  Right now in order to search all notes you have to make sure that the same keyword is within each note (hard to standardize when multiple people are making notes) OR use snippets (which we only have a limited amount of)

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Urgent upvote for this functionality.

Please include a 'type' property when saving a note. Currently this is available on Calls made and meetings held in CRM however the same functionality is essential for notes. This way we can report on note types.