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Style option for Customer Portal templates



It would be nice if you make it possible to style the template in the next update. This is a frequently asked question from our customers!


I think the functionality is fine for now 🙂



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yes like being able to add other properties to show the status or the priority of the ticket

Thanks !


hello @FCadiou I need to add these properties too. This could replace JIRA, it a much nicer way with

on the ticket lists:

- priority

- owner

- ticket->pipeline customized statut (not only the ticket OPEN / CLOSE status) but as well the statuses we defined in the pipeline  (new, acknowledged, analysing, waiting for customer / development / bug correction / Release candidate) 

- filter by Ticket->pipeline customized status and not the standard OPEN/CLOSE status.

- ticket type : bug vs change request vs  configuration


On the ticket detail

- creation info (owner + date +  channel)   (read only) 

- description (read only) 

- priority (and make is changeable)

- authorise a member of the organisation to change priority

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It is very important that we can modify the template or the CSS of the customer portal. I would even say that it is a minimum functionality


We desprately need the following functions/features o be added to the portal: (The list is in order by priority)

  • To be able to select which ticket fields are shown in the customer portal, including custom fields. For example:
    •  Associated Contact, Product, Severity, Customer Priority, Legacy Case, Target End Date, Issue Narrative, Customer Ticket Number
  • To be able to export the case view to a spreadsheet
  • To be able to sort columns
  • To allow the customer to set a ticket to the Closed status
  • Attachment size limit - request to go up to 1GB
  • To be able to edit ticket fields to update their values

Hey @TDwebdev,

Have you heard of the Customer Service Portal? It's a HubSpot app that creates a new portal for your HubSpot instance! You can customize the color, logo, etc. and even choose what properties on a ticket your customers can see.


I'd be happy to talk about it with you in more detail if you'd like!


-David Staat