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Structured Data for SEO

My idea is to grant users the ability to set-up "structured data" on blog posts to help with SEO.


Structured data is a system of pairing a name with a value that helps search engines categorize and index your content. Microdata is one form of structured data that works with HTML5. Schema.org is a project that provides a particular set of agreed-upon definitions for microdata tags.


Structured data seems to matter more often now with search engines and help boost SEO. 

HubSpot updates
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Thank you, Jon!





We've been working with some Hubspot certified partners using our Schema App Highlighter to optimize not only the blog content on the site, but any landing page, product pages, services pages, etc.


What makes it easy is that you set it up in 10 minutes, add Javascript to Hubspot, or use a Google tag on the website, and bang, you're done.


Schema App specializes in schema markup and doing it at scale...without development and properly to you get the most results from Google, Bing, Alexa, etc.

hojjohan Colaborador estimado
Colaborador estimado


!!! update 9th januari 2019 !!!

We have these modules operational on several websites, HubSpot does not allow us to add them to the marketplace because they work on an own system since 1st december 2018. In the mean time we can sell directly these modules and inject them in your portal.



!!! update 1st december 2018 !!!

HubSpot has removed our structured data modules from the marketplace.  HubSpot is working on a similar solution BUT the HubSpot solution is not  yet available. In the mean time we can sell the module direct. Contact us here and we will inject the module in your HubSpot portal.


See the CM Blogpost Structured Data in action here.




We have created 7 custom modules that generates structured data in ld+json format


2 are already available in the marketplace

- for blogposts > https://marketplace.hubspot.com/products/leadstreet/cm-blogpost-structured-data

- for video's >  https://marketplace.hubspot.com/products/leadstreet/cm-video-structured-data


5 coming up, as soon as HubSpot Marketplace approved them

- organisation

- event

- local business

- product

- book
You can check them out on our technical blog



Johan Vantomme
leadstreet.be & leadstreet.co.uk


Any updates on whether HubSpot is moving on this at all? I cannot believe that structured data isn't something that's supported since almost all of their clients have blogs and such, which at the minimum, should have some structured data layered in.


Assuming they're working on it - is there any kind of timeline? 


In the meantime @jeremykhere is an easy way to add structured data to your HubSpot websites. By using HubL tokens that display values unique to each HubSpot portal, this code can be implemented with limited customization. We did the work, you can steal it.


@Jon_Sasala Thanks for sharing! I'll have my team implement this onto our site right away. This is really cool.


I can't believe how far ahead the HubSpot community is compared to HubSpot itself on what should be core features of the platform....


Strangely enough we are not yet able to add structured data to our blog posts, which makes it harder for us content managers to position our posts. I think this should be one the priorities for Hubspot, how can we do inbound through content if we are leaving a key SEO strategy behind?

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team
Status atualizado para: In Planning

Please add Schema.org markup capabilities. At the very least, we should have FAQ and How-To. Please implement in 2019- other platforms are supporting this now, and  Google is expected to put a huge emphasis on this during the year.


Are there any plans adding support for Google Structured Data Markup adding into articles this year? Or did you already added that and am I missing it?