Structured Data for SEO

My idea is to grant users the ability to set-up "structured data" on blog posts to help with SEO.


Structured data is a system of pairing a name with a value that helps search engines categorize and index your content. Microdata is one form of structured data that works with HTML5. is a project that provides a particular set of agreed-upon definitions for microdata tags.


Structured data seems to matter more often now with search engines and help boost SEO. 

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Great idea! Would love to have this in ASAP.

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Great idea, just a question.


Are you thinking to create a custom html module with custom inputs for structured data or what do you mean?



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There are plugins for WordPress that do this. I was hoping to see something added by HubSpot as a new feature to their offering.

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It would be nice considering the price point that HubSpot would offer native schema modules for users. As the marketplace becomes more competitive they might want to add this

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I think that is the minimum standard for websites as for 2017. I would go for JSON-LD markup except for the blog, which needs HTML markup. ( BlogPosting).

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I agree, since some of my pages carry links to multiple (different) documents that otherwise might be interpreted as keyword stuffing.


Ability to set blog post up as article per Google Search Gallery.


The articles feature could either be additional fields in the settings tab of the blog post, or you could allow for editing the <head> tag to allow the code to be pasted in.


I think this would increase visibility of articles posted in blogs on search - seems like a win-win for all.

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I also would like to see this feature.

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Would also like to see this implemented at Hubspot.

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I love this idea and I am looking for some custom html to create automatically the structured data of my blog post.

If you have some clue or advices it will be perfect.


Thank you in advance.




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I ended up hiring Computan and they did it all custom within Hubspot universal templates for me like pros, and even though they bid on this project and won, they were still under budget.


Strongly recommend them and here's their email if you're interested:


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That´s crazy that we have to contract an external company to fulfill a basic SEO requirements.


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Agreed. I brought it up at Inbound 2017 but no developments with this.

Yeah, so Sajeel from Computan did it for less than $300 and the work was all automatically done for me when he finished.

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I was just started at a new company within the past year and was going to implement this. I was sad when I found out Hubspot does not support it. Please bring this capability to the platform.

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December saw a new Google Algorithm change and all of our Hubspot sites plummeted ranking-wise. We expect this is due to a lack of data markup as that and mobile-first were cited as the two most impactful changes.


We are manually adding as much Schema info as we can. But, yes, this feature would be very valuable (crucial) for Hubspot clients going forward.



Update: We added Schema to our HubSpot portal and with HubL tokens, turned this code into somthing all HubSpot sites can use. Steal it here.

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@JonSasala1, how are you manually adding Schema info? I thought something might have changed so I just spent over an hour adding a bunch of schema to a post in our career's blog. But when I save the post, Hubspot strips all of the markup out and ruins a ton of my time. I haven't been able to figure out how to manually add it. Can you elaborate on your process? Thanks!

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@JonSasala1, sorry! Maybe I got lucky today. I swear I've had all my markup stripped by Hubspot in the past. Today I was just looking at the wrong blog. All my markup is still there. But it was very tedious to add it.

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@Crystal_Hopper I think that you can publish the structured data in the HTML footer or header too.

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@ThibautMX, I realize this would work on any other website but within the Hubspot I don't even have access to the header/footer of an individual blog post. These are global modules for the entire site and it would do no good to add any schema content there.

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@Crystal_Hopper The global module can be good if you want to had the schema content of your company but for a press article or event I don´t think that the good place.