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Streamlining folder creation and folder visibility between all features

Is can be confusing to explain to end-users that the way you can use folders to organize your HubSpot account, isn't always on the same way.


On the idealist it's all in different ideas somewhere on the forum (with not always a status if it will get solved).



- For example Emails within the Marketing hub have another folder way of working compared to lists. Within the email view you can create folders, however you can't create subfolders (which is possible for lists). The same for forms and workflows. See also this idea


- You can see for a list to which folder it belongs, however in the email overview, you can't see to which folder an email is belonging. Idea


- Sometimes you can rename foldernames (for forms, workflows, emails,...), sometimes you can't (lists,...). Closed beta with a solution that will launch this year?







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+1 on this idea! Consistency would be good!