Streamlined Contacts Import

Hubspot is first and foremost a contacts database.  That's its primary focus, to manage contacts and your interactions with them.  Yet, the only way to import contacts is either when you e-mail them for the first time, or manually from a spreadsheet?  


How does Hubspot not have a streamlined way to import contacts from very major platform? Platforms such as Google (which it's already connected to, you're already there, why not ask if the user wantes to import all of their contacts or select contacts whil eyou're already there?), Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, etc.  There are literally hundreds, probably thousands of programs that pull contact data directly from these platforms.  The fact that this wasn't the very first feature they added to hubspot, before even building a website, is baffling to me.  I'm totally lost as to how this wasn't a feature from day one.  


So please, add this feature as soon as possible, manually importing all of your data through CRV files could take days (CRV files only contain maybe 10% of the information stored).  


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