Strategy Assist Questionary

In lack of another Category available / seen, I put this here. I am sorry if this is NOT an elaborate IDEA, but asdd hoc formed as an idea that vaporizes probably when I study the tools course at academy.


My challenge is this:


I wanna set up Hubspot for a NEW (means no traffic until paid or inbound gets tracking) enterprise (which is a startup so the economy / cashflow is crucial) but the folks get USED to Hubspot tools, so this I hope is a win win.


The company is in "creatice the business coaching" niche and has ONE HQ sitte site and SEVERAL TOPICAL Sites which the company sees as examples of executed busienss frameworks (like how to do sales affine sites, how to design landing pages that convert, how to staff and team build, how to make elearning, how to be online trainer, but not only explain "how to" but offer tools) and could be seen like sales windows of a mall dedicated to a certain label if you want.  Techniclly al could be under HQ domain, but it would get confusing and too mixed up. It is easier to have clear focus or subfocus, the company thinks.


All Topical sites can easily have their own blog, there is some overlap, but not much, some can have more edu contetn than the other, some may have even a shop for digital products. 


My prelininary advice was to write more elaborate blogs all on HQ site, and more practical blogs on the Topical sites, with crossreferencing and same ling tail keywords where applicable. This is tedious, but most userfriendly. If, however, there are SEO tricks to share same contetn within the campany sites,  I would like to know ;-)

There are some extremes, all posting on HQ, or all posting on coorespondin sites, except of posting not associated to TOPICal site. 


In principle the central strategy and marketing shall happen via the HQ site and domain. The economy and the concentration is essential, but the Byers Personas are different and lead segementation is crucial, the nurturing  will be different. But there is a common topicc, so this could be bent so that the overal strategy of HQ is the same as for any topic, but the topics go into detail andeven odder SaaS,at leat as long the Saas App is not indepent economically. (Co founders are being searches for, but as HQ does have competences in business startups and young entreprenuerm this could be built in as an example of execution of a business cocept. You got the idea, anything done can be used in differnent context and under different POV)


In term of HUBSPOT: 

I have not been able to get answer from support, as this is not pure technical. 

If this IDEA is in the wrong place,  please send me feedback.


Ths idea to setup HUBSPOT, was to have a paid account for HQ and do all marketing and sales in terms of lead conversion and nurturing via this account. 

Further to SECOND (assist( the HQ account with one FREE account for every other domain / sales window / business concept / URL, eventually assisted by other tools for social media especially.

Most of the leads of the Topical Sites are maybe potential customers for hubspot in the future, but now now, except for free tool.


So the successful setup for HQ is also a proof of concept in a way to educate for longterm planning towards inbound marketing.


I hope I get some feedback.


PS: I am new to Hubspot myself, I admit, but am confused that one account only has sales dashboard and other free account has bot marketing and sales. (I am not talking about the paid account)


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