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Storytelling Framework in Action

In marketing your content with proper storytelling, you must engage the "Golden Circle"—Why, How, When; and apply the essential elements of storytelling which are: Character, Conflict and Resolution.

This idea will attempt to put these storytelling guidelines to practice for a personal brand example.


Brand: TheDeFiLawyer. This brand is aimed at providing individuals, brands and companies in the Decentralized Finance space, with information relating to the legal happenings, regulatory demands and rules that are beginning to govern the industry, through mediums like Twitter, Medium and Substack.


Character: The Readers, and larger Crypto user audience. (Second Person POV)


Conflict: Telling a story that helps users, especially crypto brands, to understand the current regulatory moves in the space, and how important it is that they gain this knowledge and apply it in order to be safe from intrusion of regulators like the SEC or DOJ.


Resolution: Constantly staying up to date with the brand's Informative and Educational posts. They may also seek consultancy from TheDeFiLawyer.

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Brand- Mezzenga

Audience -people who partakes in white collar

Jobs, nursing  mothers, introverts

challenge - Deborah, who is a nursing

mother and also works as a sales manager in

one of the privatized companies in Lagos is

always so reluctant in refilling her household groceries and other essential household items

often she faces problem with having

to go out of budget as she has a very

little room for time to go around to search

for quality and cheap products. You might

Surprised to know that over 80% of working

class lagosians faces the same probelm

constantly which later leads to lack of energy

to do other chores, getting expensive Products cos it is nearby and finally consuming

your time that can be used to attend to

other Productive activities.

How are they doing it t?

mezzenga is your go-to errand buddy for people who barely

finds out any time for market runs. we can literally go as far as connecting you to vendors that provides Services outside the household essentials such as events vendors, building materials, Office Stationaries, logistics and so on.

we are also responsible for Picking out

handcrafted gift items and souvenirs all at a very affordable and discounted Price.