Stop contacts being added automatically after sending Gmail email

Hi guys


I'm using the Gmail integration and love all the features EXCEPT the one that automatically creates a new contact within HubSpot CRM everytime I send an email to anyone not yet in the CRM from my Gmail account.


Is there a way to switch off just this one feature without losing any of the other integrations. All I have tried so far is unticking the 'Log In CRM' check box in the email compser window.


Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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Getting the same thing out of Outlook 365 - did you figure out a solution?




Hi, @moonwebstrategy I have the same complaint as many others here.


I want the system to log my emails with contacts i already have in Hubspot but I don't want it to automatically add contacts as I email many people I don't want in my Hubspot CRM. 



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Just adding this issue to "bad software developped by bad developers" list (in mild terms, anyway). This is another critical bit of functionality that is broken for us in Hubspot, and Hubspot does not seem to be in any way interested in addressing this. Really tired of "this is expected bahaviour" responses from HS.


Why not just add "Create new contacts from emails" check box under the email settings page and let us control the bahaviour and save everyone a lot oh headache? This would literally be a few lines of code.

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Would love to see Hubspot make this happen. We need to cc many additional contacts in our emails when sending out warranty reminders becuase of high turnover rates/retirements/job changes in the audience's industry. I don't want to have to manage who gets added to the CRM manually with each send. I'd like to be able to turn off the logging whenever a cc is used. 

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I'm having the same problem using Outlook on my desktop. (have Office 365 but don't use web version).


Really do not want Hubspot to create a new contact for every email address it doesn't recognise...for many reasons. 

  • Some of the emails are for not want them on Hubspot
  • Some of the emails are from people trying to sell me marketing email lists......definitely do not want them on Hubspot.


Right now HubSpot is slowly adding every single contact I have in Outlook, whether they are a Prospect, Lead, Customer. Figure this will eventually impact on my subscription fee as Marketing Hub charges by number of contacts?


Suggested fix.

When I send an email in Outlook, on the right hand banner, please can we have "Hi, we don't recognise this email. Do you want to add this person as a Contact in Hubspot  or would you prefer us to ignore this email?"  and then two buttons Add or Ignore.


If I click Add, then the Contact is created and because of GDPR, Hubspot automatically send them my Marketing Email that asks them for permission to contact them via email and process their info via Subscriptions settings.

If I click Ignore, Hubspot remembers this email address but does not create a contact etc. 

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Nigeldb... you make a really good point that I have not thought about in my initial concerns and disdain for this "feature." This is a concern for privacy and for GDPR regulations. If I'm sending out emails and they are automatically added to my HubSpot platform when I add tracking or logging, then those are emails/contacts that are polluting an otherwise clean list.


This whole mess creates extra cleaning work for our company and now offers additional risk in lowering our email deliverability scores because our system markets to these contacts without discernment. 


Any additional suggestions that we can actually DO NOW would be helpful. A suggestion or addressing of this issue by HubSpot would be the MOST HELPFUL.


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Don't hold your breath for anythign to happen.


I have been monitoring a number of issues that are critical for our operations - nothing ever gets fixed (or even aknowledged by HS), which is rather frustrating concidering the amount of money we pay for our subscription.


Besides, what is the incentive for them todo anything abotu this - that would reduce the number of contacts they can bill us for...


Not being cynical, but that is our experience so far with hubspot. 

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Jveler, you also make an excellent point.


DEAR HUBSPOT, by creating a Contact from my outgoing emails, especially the ones I don't want, is the system making me breach privacy and GDPR as I don't have their opted in permission to track their emails or personal info,like their email address.  Creating a Contact from an email has to be a positive action.



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We use the HubSpot plug-in with Outlook at our organization.  This is vital for us and a major GDPR compliance issue. We cannot be creating new profiles for leads in HubSpot when they haven't opted-in to receive our marketing content. This is a very high urgency issue that needs to be addressed quickly to ensure GDPR compliance and continuing to maintain the value of the sales tool. 


Ideally, the Outlook plug-in would not create a new profile if the email that is being logged and tracked doesn't exist in it's portal. It would just track the message so the user could track the interaction and performance of the email sent. 


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Let's back up one second then. Can we even track emails and not also be in violation of GDPR?


Should it be that only emails are tracked IF they are in Hubspot and they should not be added automatically to our contact lists IF they are not in HubSpot.


Does opting in to the GDPR Hubspot features take care of this as part of that additinal system?


Wouldn't it be nice to get some answers from HubSpot!!!