Stop contacts being added automatically after sending Gmail email

Hi guys


I'm using the Gmail integration and love all the features EXCEPT the one that automatically creates a new contact within HubSpot CRM everytime I send an email to anyone not yet in the CRM from my Gmail account.


Is there a way to switch off just this one feature without losing any of the other integrations. All I have tried so far is unticking the 'Log In CRM' check box in the email compser window.


Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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I think what the OP wants (and what I want) is for emails to be logged in the CRM under any contacts that exist, and not create new contacts if they don't exist.


For example: I might be happily emailing back and forth with a contact. Then suddenly they or I decide to copy in 100 other people. I still want the email logged in CRM under my contact but I don't want the 100 new contacts created in CRM.


You may say that I can tick or untick the "Log in CRM" box but, as I understand it, this doesn't help if contacts I don't want are also on the email chain or where I don't know if the contact is already on CRM or not (generally if they are I do want it logged, if they are not I don't).

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I am very upset.  I have the Hubspot extension turned on for my work gmail account .  I DID NOT have it turned on for my personal gmail account which I also have open in my browser.  I have now discovered that you have been copying my personal contacts into Hubspot. 

1) This is a gross invasion of my privacy for my personal contacts to end up in my work hubspot account.

2) This is taking up our company Hubspot contacts allowance and costing the company money

3) it is not GDPR compliant as I was not intending to store these personal contacts in Hubspot

4) my personal contacts may end up getting marketing from my company which is also in breach of GDPR

5) now I have to waste time trying to clean up which contacts of my own are in Hubspot

6) when I tried to turn off the extension completely in my personal inbox it now says 'thank you for signing in, in order to use tools and features you need to turn on Hubspot tools in your gmail inbox'.  I DID NOT SIGN IN AND I DO NOT WANT TO TURN ON HUBSPOT TOOLS IN MY PERSONAL GMAIL INBOX.  I AM SIGNED IN TO A DIFFERENT GMAIL ACCOUNT TO THE ONE THAT IS CONNECTED TO HUBSPOT.  I HAVE NEVER CONNECTED MY PERSONAL GMAIL ACCOUNT TO HUBSPOT.

7) My colleagues may see my personal contacts which is completely inappropriate.   I was emailing MY CHILD'S SCHOOL from my PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNT when I realised you had copied the TEACHER into hubspot WHEN I HAD NEVER ENABLED THE HUBSPOT EXTENSION AND WAS NOT SIGNED INTO IT.  

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So after there has been no reply from Hubspot on this I have decided to leave Hubspot and am now using Streak for Gmail. Does everything I need...



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Would just like to add my voice to the throng which want this feature.  Any time I create a new contact I create them in Hubspot first anyway so I can log all their details so there is no need for me to have a contact created automatically when I email them from Gmail.  Not having this feature caused me countless clutter and in the end was so frustrating that I had to completely remove the extension.

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Simply sounding off as well on this... sounds like 2 years in this is still not being considered by HS.


For us it's call's made through Kixie as well as emails where we forget to tick off the "log email" option on Gmail. One of my guys goes in twice a week and cleans out the mistakes of our sales organization. It's a royal pain, a waste of time, and truly has never served any benefit to our team; we are intentional about the people we add into the CRM, and this opens the door to problems when people have 'human moments' and make mistakes...

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+1 shocking this isnt a feature

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Almost makes Hubspot data useless -- it can muddy the entire organization's data / reports with one email. Should have been implemented in v1 of Hubspot.


CANNOT believe that after 2 years of these complaints, there's no sign of any action being taken. We joined Hubspot a few months ago and are already regretting it.

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it is a problem that emails sent via the email client automatically are logged and contacts are created.


It puzzles me that HubSpot hasn't come up with a decent solution.


But the good news is there is a workaround.


By unticking the 'log' the email isn't stored in HB and isn't created as a contact.


We're in life insurance, and being able to record all client email for the purpose of compliance is vital. While other emails such as between staff etc don't need to be logged towards a client.


And so, we've decided to use the email client and untick the 'log' for emails that don't need recording. And using HB/create emails function within HB to communicate with clients.


Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 9.01.00 pm.png

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I am sorry, this is QUITE frustrating...


We receive all sorts of unsolicited email etc. - why would I want these added to my Hubspot contacts?
Why would I want them in my reports dashboard too?


How can we manually add our contacts?


Come on.

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I'm not sure if this is the same request, but I would like Hubspot to only log emails from known contacts in the CRM. The reason is that I have lots of people email me, including confidential emails I don't want made visible to everyone in the CRM. 


I know that if I send an email and uncheck the log button, it doesn't log in the CRM. I also know that I can exclude a specific email address or domain in the settings so that it never logs emails from those people. The checkbox is only useful for stopping the logging of emails I sent, not those I receive (and also doesn't cover those cases where I sent from my phone or forget to uncheck the box). And, the email/domain exclusion is only useful if I am expecting emails from someone.


What I am looking for is a setting where, when enabled, the CRM only logs emails from my inbox that are existing contacts in the CRM, and does not create new contacts from emails of people not in the CRM. That way, if I have a confidential conversation with someone and give them my email address, and they email me, that email doesn't create a CRM contact and log the confidential email for everyone to see. 


This is important as someone who wears lots of hats including both sales, and confidential things like HR and legal. 


Thank you for your consideration!