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Stop contacts being added automatically after sending Gmail email

Hi guys


I'm using the Gmail integration and love all the features EXCEPT the one that automatically creates a new contact within HubSpot CRM everytime I send an email to anyone not yet in the CRM from my Gmail account.


Is there a way to switch off just this one feature without losing any of the other integrations. All I have tried so far is unticking the 'Log In CRM' check box in the email compser window.


Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi all, 


Thank you for your feedback and convesation. I am here and I hear you.


I am monitoring this thread actively. 


Regarding the concerns about customization of logging emails, this funcionality has been released since this thread started through the never log settings. Click here for more information on this setting and how to enable it. Additionally, if you would like to see more customization around this setting, I would recommend voting for this idea in the ideas forum. If you have any questions about how to use the setting, please start a new thread here.


In regards to the GDPR inquiries, I am investigating these matters internally and will reach out once I have more information. 


Thank you for your patience. 




Thanks for your attention Jenny! I know in our organization, the Never Log function is not what we are looking for. My comment above has the details of what we are looking for if that helps.


Hi Jenny,


I looked over that page and it still requires that we know the email address beforehand, or that we know the domain.


So, let's say I send a support alert to:

FROM: me@mydomain.com

TO: customer@theirdomain.com

CC: customer_it@theirdomain.com, 3rdparty@gmail.com, tom@mydomain.com, bob@someitcompany.com


The context of the email may be an upgrade notification. I want to log it so we have it recorded in the CRM. "theirdomain.com" can't be blacklisted, "gmail.com" can't be blacklisted, "someitcompany.com" could be blacklisted.


We probably have 300 of these type emails go out every day throughout the organization.


Regardless, using that no log feature you pointed us to would mean I would have to add those individual emails and possible the itcompany domain for this email. I would have to train (or receive requests) from my whole team of 15 people when this happened to them. 


Do we have to go in and add to the log blacklist before we send the email?

Do we have to pay attention to doing that without it interfering with our work time? 

Do you have a best practices document for this?


Ultimately, this is a big UX issue for your customers... why not just fix it? Do you have anyone objecting to it?


The solution you are offering does not present a viable option for larger small-business customers. I've participated in the other thread as well. I don't see much difference in what this thread desires and what the other does, except one is in a different forum.


Hello all, 


If you don't mind, I'd like to split this discussion in two.

Part 1 - Provide an option to choose which new Contacts to create from an Outlook email.

Part 2 - Once the new Contact has been created, or set to Ignore, how to fine tune the tracking and logging for that Contact.


To help (I hope) I've created a thread  Stop Contacts being added automatically from Outlook email over here over in the Outlook section with a suggested fix!!


Would being able to Ignore email addresses solve the issue where there is a need to exclude some emails addresses from tracking and logging? So for jveler's comment above, bob@someitcompamy.com would be set to Ignore and no emails to Bob would be tracked or logged. Simple. 


Hi all, 


Thank you for your patience while I have partnered with the product team regarding these inquiries. 


When you have GDPR enabled in your portal and try to track and email, it will associate with an anonymous notification. For more information on this setting, please refer to this documentation. Additionally, this screenshot will populate in the sidebar. Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.41.14 AM.png


In regards to configuring your extension settings in general to ensure it meets your requirements, GDPR and otherwise, please refer to this documentation.




In regards to discussions about future product features, the Ideas Forum will be the best place for that conversation, as that is the area monitored by the Product team, and where they look for ideas that customers would like to see included in the future. To ensure that your idea is found by the proper teams, given the appropriate attention, and able to have a roadmap towards creation, this discussion needs to occur in the ideas forum. 


I will continue to share any updates as they become available, and I would encourage you to utilize the ideas forum as that will the be best outlet for these discussions.


Thank you,



Dear all, please take a look at 

Outlook Plug-in - Ignore email address so that a CONTACT is not created in the Ideas Forum at



and vote for it


Same! It's messing up our reports for our sales team!


Right. We would like to not have them added as a new contact. However, if they are a contact...we want to log and track the emails. We get tons of spam in our inbox and it is creating a mess for us to clean up. Not to mention that we are being charged for contacts that are not even qualified to be in our Hubspot. I believe this is what everyone's frustration may be with the Conversations tool.


Yes! This is the obvious solution. Why hasn't it been implemented:


>  It would be great if it could LOG emails with people who are already in Hubspot, but NOT log emails with people who are not.



There are no less than 4 "Ideas" pages all asking (in different ways) for this same feature!.  Please go and upvote all of them. Here are the links:


Please go an upvote all of them.