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Stop calls to team members from logging

I had a customer reach out about disabling call logs for team members. While this currently isn't something that's support with HubSpot, I did think this would be a good function to add going forward.

This would allow HubSpot users to utilize HubSpot's calling feature without making a contact record more messy, and would help prevent incorrect reporting.

This is currently a feature of email logging (excluding recipients from logging emails via the never log) - and would be a great addition to HubSpot for calling as well.

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Thank you for posting this about my issue.


We make many mobile calls among the team outside of the app (direct mobile to mobile network) and then the popup suggests to log the call. I press "Skip" expecting to ignore it but it does not skip and instead logs a blank record. It is just annoying to me since it doesn't affect our in-app call limits, but others have a call limit issue as seen below.

This user seems to encounter this blank log after calls made from inside the app:


What made it frustrating is that I am presented with the "Skip" option. Yet, it does not seem to skip anything.
 The feature is awesome when it makes sure I log actual customer calls, or to correctly log team actions like a Sales-to-Marketing hand off. It is a pain source with team calls for us with clogged Activity dashboards and useless data in the export tables etc.


Just make it "really" skip for calls outside the app, please.