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Stop automatically mapping Salesforce Opportunity Record ID to Deal Pipeline

You can't create a deal without a deal pipeline, and you can't map "Deal Pipeline" to anything else except Opportunity Record Type. Not everyone uses Opportunity Record Types in Salesforce, and if they do, it's not always an accurate translation to say that Opp Record Type = Deal Pipeline.


The fact that this mapping to the Deal Pipeline is automatic, with no option to change, makes it impossible for those who don't use Opp Record Types to map their opportunities to HubSpot without them having to change their process in Salesforce and add additional ongoing maintenance.


This default mapping seems very arbitrary and I've run into multiple clients in the past few months who either don't use Record Types for their Opportunities or don't want a new pipeline created for each one. 

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We're running into this same exact issue. 500+ deals will not sync because of this.