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Stop appending form submissions via matching cookies by default.

It might be helpful for our customers to switch to a system for form submissions that deduplicates/updates existing properties on contact records via a matching email address, rather than a matching cookie.

Right now, HubSpot deduplicates contacts from form submissions by looking for an existing contact record based on matching cookie. In this instance, is a cookie matches but a new email address is submitted, the existing email address and all other values submitted will be appended rather than creating a new contact. I've seen this cause issues in two scenarios:

1. With HubSpot forms, there is a setting to Always create contact for new email address. This setting ignores the existing cookies when a new email address is submitted, and creates a new contact. However, turning this setting on leads to a scenario where we cannot use Progressive fields or prepopulate form fields with known values. It would be helpful to be able to deduplicate contacts based off email address in this scenario because while the existing cookie might display different form fields to the user, customers may prefer creating new contacts with new information rather than appending existing records with wrong information.

2. With non-HubSpot forms, there is not a setting to "Always create contact for new email address." In this instance, the only recourse I have found to stop HubSpot from appending existing records based on matching cookie is to stop utilizing HubSpot cookies entirely, or to enter from an incognito window. If deduplication/updating existing records was done based on email address submitted, customers would have more control in this scenario.

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I am experiencing issues that this idea defines exactly. Are there any new solutions to this?


We mass email existing contacts (customers and our salespeople) links to HubSpot forms that collect email addresses, among other things. Specifically sign-up forms to attend workshops with us. The problem we see is that our salespeople will forward the email they recieved to other people, new prospects or new hires at existing customers, but more importantly people that don't already exist within our HubSpot records or our synced databases. When those new recipients fill out that form from the forwarded email any information input into the form will append the original users HubSpot record because of the matching cookie. end result, our salespeple's information is getting changed.  I really need submissions to append existing data based on the email submitted, not on the matching cookie. It wouldn't hurt to have the form submissions create new accounts when the email address is new, but it seema I can't have both scenarios happen with the setting options I have in HubSpot.