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Stop Automatic Deal Associations

Hubspot "guessing" which deals to associate things with, is very unhelpful.  Please let us select what we want the note/call/deal to be associated with.  Notes end up associated with other deals that have nothing to do with it, making it nearly impossible to follow the original message of the post.

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When importing meetings, notes, and or emails using the API
Hubspot automaticly associates deals and companies to those meetings.
For example, i import 1 meeting, with 1 company, 2 contacts an 1 deal.
I end up with 10 associations:

2 contacts (correct)

2 companies (1 correct, other is the company of the second contact)
6 Deals (1 is correct, the other 5 are open deals, to which this meeting has no relation, (these deals didn't even exist when this meeting took place).

This feature is all fine, but you should be able to control it in some way. Are at least disable it for a moment (some as the contact-companie creation/association based on domain).
Or the same as the sales extention app:

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We moved to HubSpot late last year, and love it, however the single largest complaint from our sales users stems from HubSpots feature of automatic activity association (


Like the original post, this impacts particularly on deals, where the activity log shows activity unrelated to the deal being viewed. This creates "noise" for reps and sales leaders.


Please have this as a configurable option.