Stick a field to the bottom of form using progressive profiling

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I would like to be able to stick certain fields (such as a 'subscribe to our blog' or 'contact me' checkbox) at the bottom of a form that has smart fields.

Currently, I can get it to look like this:

> Name
> Email
> Persona
> Subscribe checkbox

But once someone fills out the smart field, the form looks like this:

> Name
> Email
> Subscribe checkbox
> Some smart field

Making for a very unconventional user experience. I would love if I could just make that subscribe checkbox stick to the bottom.


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I have a similar situation.  I would like to force a privacy statement (I've attached a rich text field to a hidden field.) at the bottom of the form when I use progressive profiling.   Now I get



<privacy statement>

queded field.


Kind of awkward. 



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It's awkward to ask someone for their Job Title after the Opt-In checkbox. Hubspot, please fix this!