State of Development Updates

The ideas forum is a great place to share ideas and seeing an idea you have rooted for move into planning/beta/release is very satisfying.


While having a look around the 'In Planning' section to get an idea of upcoming updates/features I realised there was no way of knowing the current state of any of these ideas. The last update to many of these ideas is simply 'we have heard you and moved this into the next stage'.

I googled 'State of Development' and not so surprisingly epic games popped up with their popular Fornite game, take a look at their most recent SoD post.


I would love if the Hubspot devs put out a similar sort of area, just to give us a little transparency into the big projects and the small. Maybe which ideas have been recognised, which ideas moved up a stage. You get the idea Smiley Happy

HubSpot updates
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Also, it would be great if it were possible to filter which ideas were in Beta and be able to request to be added to the Beta testing for those that interest us...

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Great idea Jetpiloto


In the past just through discovery and chatting with the team we were able to get access to a beta or 2, would be fantastic to see more often