Start user tracking (attribute visits) on sales email clicks


According to this article, Hubspot will start linking page views to contacts if any of the below two things happen:


  • "Visitors will be tracked anonymously even before they become contacts. If and when a visitor fills out a form, HubSpot will associate their previous page views based on the tracking cookie."
  • "HubSpot will also attribute visits to a contact if the contact clicks a link in a tracked marketing email which directs to a page with the HubSpot tracking code installed."

What is clearly missing in this list is that Hubspot will be able to attribute visits if the contact clicks a link in a tracked sales email. 


In many instances we will send tracked sales emails to people that haven't made themselves known before. So, this is the first email they receive from us and, hence, the first opportunity to attribute visits to this contact.

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I'm shocked that Hubspot doesn't have this tracking implemented for sales emails. As a result, Hubspot basically encourages you to spam your email list with a big marketing email blast since there's no solution for properly tracking via sales emails. Essentially, Hubspot's software limitations forces you to do exactly what Hubspot preaches not to do. 


It means I have to (ab)use the marketing email tool for something that it was not designed for.


I can not expect recipients of my emails to already have a contact ID cookie. That cookie for pageview tracking should be set either by opening the email in a webmail interface or with a redirect link during click-through from the email. Marketing emails can do that, CRM/sales emails from the contact profile cannot. Therefore, if I want to send individual emails that trigger tracking of subsequent pageviews without requiring additional forms, I have no choice but to use the marketing email interface for 1:1 emails.


One of the reasons we chose Hubspot was that it loudly advertises its ability to track all lead interactions. Now I'm learning the pitfalls. Very frustrating!


I follow this idea 100%. This was the main reason I started using Hubspot!


I follow this idea 100% too.

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I'm struggling to find any info as to why Hubspot doesn't track web visits when people click on a link on a sales email.  Other SAAS solutions do this - eg SalesLoft.  Anyone know?