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Start sequence from a reply in gmail

I would like the ability to start a sequence from a reply in gmail.


Here is just one use case:


1. We start a prospect on a sequence, which encourages them to book a demo with us.


2. The prospect replies to one of the emails in the sequence and says:


"Thanks Lee, I'll book a time next week."


3. Now we want to enroll that prospect in a new sequence that says "thank you" and then follows up with him multiple times if the prospect forgets to book a demo.



We have multiple use cases like this.


Without the ability to do this in gmail, we'll have to jump in and out of the CRM tens of times per day. Not ideal.

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I would value the ability to enroll contacts into sequences from within gmail. In my example, I am sometimes CC'd into 'final payment reminders' from our finance team, and so I then want to make contact with the customer from a customer success perspective. I have a sequence for this, and would save me time by being to enroll the contact straight in, rather than having to open up Hubspot and do it manually. 


I want to set up sequencing to automate follow-up pings to sales qualified leads that have not responded. In this case, an initial quotation e-mail has been sent and this is stored in the CRM system on the contact (using the BCC address). The email also has attachments. I want the sequence to reply to the last e-mail and continue to engage the potential client until we have a response, then we can continue manually. It is important that the context is included from the earlier mail with the first mail of the sequence, and any subsequent sequence mails. (i.e, the attachments for the first e-mail, the email thread, and the RE:<email subject> should also be included. This would make the sequencing feature very useful for us, can it be prioritised?


@glencornell Any updates on this? Your last update was in 2021 and that made it sound like you were going to make it happen in late 2021. 


Please prioritize this. Many deals have been lost, vs our previous platform, now that we have the inability to keep follow up in the same email thread.


Has this truly not been addressed since 2021? Or am I missing the thread? 


Hubspot is really turning into Salesforce in terms of user or customer experience.