Start sequence from a reply in gmail

I would like the ability to start a sequence from a reply in gmail.


Here is just one use case:


1. We start a prospect on a sequence, which encourages them to book a demo with us.


2. The prospect replies to one of the emails in the sequence and says:


"Thanks Lee, I'll book a time next week."


3. Now we want to enroll that prospect in a new sequence that says "thank you" and then follows up with him multiple times if the prospect forgets to book a demo.



We have multiple use cases like this.


Without the ability to do this in gmail, we'll have to jump in and out of the CRM tens of times per day. Not ideal.

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Hey Hubspot Team,


Any chance of implementing this change? Should be a simple update and would save us a bunch of time in the long run. 


Look forward to hearing from you!

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It would be great to have the ability to reply to a contact's email with a sequence, rather than starting a new email thread.

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I agree! Please

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Agree on this! Platforms like Outreach allow you to enroll contacts in a follow-up sequence right from the Gmail composer so you can automate your follow-up. I understand that this may not be the original intent of the Sequences tool, but in order for it to practically help salespeople automate their processes we really need this functionality!

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This is the really the arrogant "cop out" of Hubspot quite often. "No you can't do this or you can't automate B because we don't see that as sales we see that as as marketing"

We have a sales process B2B where we seek to auomate every part of the deal cycle. Yes we want to cusomtise and yes we want to be personal but we do that within the seuqences itself that have built in tasks to send us reminders and other things. 

Now I have a business contact asking me for further information which just happend to be my next automated seuquence but I can't reply with the automated Intro requested deal. 

That would go something like 
Hi xxxx, 
Glad to see you are interested in our product here is the twoo sheeter ( attached document) that can teach you more about our core markets, reach and engagement. 
Instead I have to send out a new email risking that the CMO completley loses track of where we were in the conversation in question. 

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again this is a "cop out" 
Any sales has stages hence the funnel and the deal stage cycle. 

Its crazy that according to you any sales cycle I start will just let me have an automation in the first response and then the rest has to be manual labouring in sales. Since I work with digital ad sales (and compete with programmatic ads) that is just not a dooable option. Since Ideally at any time I want to have a sales funnel with about 120-130 live deals in different stages. Being confident that the sequences take care of the funnel and all the follow up and reminders in the early cycles. 
So I can put my energy on where its best suited meetings, proposal and closing deals. 

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We have a very similar use case. We have a sales inbox, with agents picking up the lead and engaging with them. At any one time, an agent will have 100+ open deals, so again impossible to nurture each manually, especially with small margins. 


That would be a great feature! Please Hubspot implement this Smiley Happy

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This is a big need for me. I'd like to enroll prospects in a new sequence after I receive a relevant reply. My use case specifically is if I receive an email notification that someone has declined a meeting they booked - I'd like to enroll them in a sequence that nurtures them into re-booking a meeting.




Agreed!  I would love the ability to add a client into a sequence in a replied email.  Just throwing in my vote! Please implement.  Smiley Happy  Thanks!