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Start meetings on the hour

Support rep logging for a customer.


We are looking for a way to force meetings to start on the hour. As it currently stands, as long as the buffer period has passed after the last meeting, a new meeting may be booked, even if it is not on the hour as the customer desires.

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I second this. I'm only wanting to show available times starting on either the hour or half-hour. However, if you have a meeting ending on a quarter-hour in your calendar, then all displayed times will be based on the quarter-hour.


Totally agree. I also want my meetings to begin on the hour or half-hour.

Currently, the best workaround is to manually add a "filler" event on your calendar to have your next meetings to start on a half-hour basis. This, for every event ending on a quarter-hour. 

Hope this will be available soon.


We also would like to see this feature added in. Having external meetings start on the quarter hour is odd and we've had multiple people reach out saying they can't make it for the quarter hour times and would like to reschedule for 15 min before or after the time they were forced to select.


I totally agree.  NO ONE starts a meeting at 15 or 45 after the hour.  Calendy allows meetings to only be set for the top or the bottom which reflects a best practice.


I'd like to add my voice to this request. Our team is very frustrated that this is not a feature that is currently available and they voice that frustration every time they see a weird start time on their calendars. Please correct this.

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I'd like to add my voice to this as well. The wording with "Start time increment" implies that its possible but, like others here, I wasn't able to make it work 





I would like to join this request as well, our meetings need to be started at xx:00 and we cannot find a way to do it. Hope this will be corrected soon.


Has this been fixed yet? Any comments from the Dev team? It's frustrating and I'm thinking of moving to Calendly due to this flaw. Thanks!


Ditto to those above looking for meetings on the half hour or hour only.  Don't want the option for quarter-hour meetings.  


Agree!  I feel like this is the Google approach.  Do any of you use Gmail?  Gmail is bare-bones compared to Outlook and the features Outlook has.  But Google has the approach of "it's good enough".  There is no common sense in having meetings that start at x:15 or x:45.  No real-world business person does that.  And it causes my clients heartburn too.