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Start a sequence on behalf of another HS user

After assigning a Lead to a HS Sales User, I'd like to start a Sequence on their behalf, such that the email in the sequence has the FROM email of the HS Sales User, not me (the initator of the sequence).

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Being Reviewed
October 27, 2020 07:41 AM

Hi folks,


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. Until recently we've been evaluating if this feature was in alignment with our overall vision for sequences. We are currently evaluating the technical feasibility to do this, and if the concept is sound, how our team will implement it. Implementation of this feature would not likely come until 2021. I will respond as soon we have an update!




Not Currently Planned
April 16, 2020 04:15 AM

Hi Community,


I'm updating this posting to "not currently planned" to be transparent that we do not plan to develop this feature in the coming quarter. I've had a chance to speak with a few of you, and recognize that many team would beneift from the ability to enroll sequences on behalf of others. This is one of our top ideas in sequences and is gaining a lot of traction, so we will continue to monitor and provide updates on a more consistent basis.




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I upvoted this feature in 2021. It's 2023 and still no movement. HUBSPOT PLEASE


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I want to be able to simply drop contacts into an SRD's sequence so they can wake up every day and just work the tasks created by the sequence.


@glencornell any update here? Been awhile since the promised 2021 deadline.


Any update on this? Would greatly help us in our operations.


It's been six years since this was suggestted.................


Our prior sales platform had this feature, but switching to Hubspot has made this task now manual for our reps..


It's 2023 now. Wonder why this faeture hasn't been added yet after all the sentiments from users. 


Because they want to force you to pay for it at the Enterprise level.


Badly needed. Any update from the Hubspot R&D team with its implementation?


Yes yes yes yes


Please add this feature. Any efficient sales team that is large enough to have Sales Administrators or Personal Assistants, *needs* this functionality so that the sales people can focus on being in conversations, not be typing on their keyboards.  


Just sharing what I did as a workaround. (might work or not with the rest of us here). 
Note: For our use case, we only have one person doing sales stuff so this might not work for larger firms. 

1. Created a dummy user with a valid email address (ie: - the email must be a shared mailbox where anyone can access. Would just serve as a repository for email replies from sequence emails. 
2. Provided the dummy user the necessary perms to be able to enroll leads/contacts to sequences. 
3. Assign a sales seat to the dummy user (Yeah, we wasted one paid seat just to get this done)
4. Connect the dummy user's email address to HS
5. Start enrolling leads to sequence using the dummy user's acct (From address = dummy user's email address) - so any replies goes into that mailbox. 
6. Important!!! - Configure a forwarding rule from the dummy user's mailbox to forward inbound replies to the sales person's mailbox so he/she receives those. From there, the sales person does a one-to-one email to move things forward. Again, we only have one sales person so this works for us at least for the time being. 


Hard coding the sender when enrolling a contact in a workflow prevents a huge number of opportunities for companys that want to scale. If you have 30 workflows that enroll contacts with a branch for every sales person (and let's say you have 10 sales people), you now have to update the 30 workflows every time a new person is hired. Not the mention there's a branch limit of 20 which means the moment I hit 20 sales people I now have to recreate the 30 workflows. Oh if boss man wants another email sequnce I now have to create two workflows to do the same thing. 


We're moving things over to Apollo where this functionality exists in the UI and the API. It's been 4?? years since this idea was originally introduced!


This would be incredibly useful for our team where we have a sales ops person managing this for a few sales directors. Is there an update on this feature? 


I'm interested in this functionality as well.