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Start a sequence on behalf of another HS user

After assigning a Lead to a HS Sales User, I'd like to start a Sequence on their behalf, such that the email in the sequence has the FROM email of the HS Sales User, not me (the initator of the sequence).

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October 27, 2020 07:41 AM

Hi folks,


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. Until recently we've been evaluating if this feature was in alignment with our overall vision for sequences. We are currently evaluating the technical feasibility to do this, and if the concept is sound, how our team will implement it. Implementation of this feature would not likely come until 2021. I will respond as soon we have an update!




Status atualizado para: Not Currently Planned
April 16, 2020 04:15 AM

Hi Community,


I'm updating this posting to "not currently planned" to be transparent that we do not plan to develop this feature in the coming quarter. I've had a chance to speak with a few of you, and recognize that many team would beneift from the ability to enroll sequences on behalf of others. This is one of our top ideas in sequences and is gaining a lot of traction, so we will continue to monitor and provide updates on a more consistent basis.




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100% agree we need a way to send out on behalf of someone else on vacation. Permission-based of course. 

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There are organizational structures where being able to give a user delegate access to your HubSpot account can improve overall team efficiency. Delegate access is already something that exists in most business email clients and this is a similar use case. 



We see this working is with the main sales rep who has a sales assistant.



The sales assistant would be able to access the main sales rep's contacts. 



This would allow the sales assistant to prospect for the main rep and start the conversation by enrolling the contact in an email sequence that would come from the main rep's email. This way when the main rep can focus on responding to those leads that have replied and continued the conversation. 


This is an essential feature. We have a large sales team who are often on the move. I'm the HubSpot marketing guy who needs to set this all up for them.






I upvote. Sales people typically have neither the time nor inclination to build their own sequences. Sequences are a marketing function. Please allow a super admin to create a sequence and assign it to another user. 


Also agree 100%.  This is absolutely critical.  Are there any updates on this feature?


I have heard from HubSpot support that they are planning on bringing in this feature this year. I also discovered that you can still set up a sequence and have the sales person clone it. This is helpful.


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Wow, if that is true, that will be the best thing HubSpot releases this year besides the Ops Hub!


Yeah, who would have thought it would make sense for marketing to set up sequences for busy non-technical sales staff….yeesh.


We are desperately in need of this feature.

I have SDRs working proscpect lists and need to start sequences for sales agents. This is a no brainer 🙌


Hubspot has everything else:) please make this happen, would be sooo important.

We cannot have sales agents also doing SDR work.


What is the work around? To add the sales agent email client to the SDR account?


Please move this idea up in your backlog. It would be valuable to have this in order to allow us to scale lead follow up.

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Hi team, it's been some time since the feature is set to being reviewed.

Wondering if we have an update on this? Ideally, this permission is given to a SuperAdmin.

Thank you (:


Hi Hubspot,

It would be really useful to send a sequence on behalf of another user.  Especially when they are on vacation or for any other reason.  I can see this is a request for a long time, so maybe it needs to be considered 😉.  Thank you!



Supporting this feature too! Is this going to be reviewed again?


I have a person on my team away Thursday and Friday. I have to have him provide me with his credentials so I can login and put items in sequences for him. 


This is insanely inefficient that as his manager I can't enroll someone in a sequence for him.


This is a must have feature.


If you add this to enterprise like you did the ability to enroll leads into a sequence using workflow, that will be very that was disappointing.




Is there an update on this idea? I work with the sales team and this would be a great feature to implement. 

HubSpot Employee

Hi everyone, portals with Sales hub Enterprise are now able to enroll contacts in a sequence using workflow (and on behalf of another user):

  • Use the Sequence dropdown menu to select the sequence that you want to enroll contacts in
  • Use the Sender dropdown menu to select the user that will be listed as the sender of the sequence

With great power comes great responsibility so please use good judgement. Check out that article to find example use cases and limitations. 




Why only for Sales Enterprise? That is profoundly unfair given the utility of such a feature.


While this is a step in the right direction and provides options @tomfoutsitzis , I don't think it has all the features of the sequences that would be needed for Sales Teams.