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Start a sequence on behalf of another HS user

After assigning a Lead to a HS Sales User, I'd like to start a Sequence on their behalf, such that the email in the sequence has the FROM email of the HS Sales User, not me (the initator of the sequence).

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Statut mis à jour : Being Reviewed
October 27, 2020 07:41 AM

Hi folks,


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. Until recently we've been evaluating if this feature was in alignment with our overall vision for sequences. We are currently evaluating the technical feasibility to do this, and if the concept is sound, how our team will implement it. Implementation of this feature would not likely come until 2021. I will respond as soon we have an update!




Statut mis à jour : Not Currently Planned
April 16, 2020 04:15 AM

Hi Community,


I'm updating this posting to "not currently planned" to be transparent that we do not plan to develop this feature in the coming quarter. I've had a chance to speak with a few of you, and recognize that many team would beneift from the ability to enroll sequences on behalf of others. This is one of our top ideas in sequences and is gaining a lot of traction, so we will continue to monitor and provide updates on a more consistent basis.




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For enterprise users you can do this through a workflow - send sequence as user. They have to have a paid sales seat and you have to have the sequence and templates all created already but you can do it through a workflow. 


I am an Executive Admin wanting to take weekly sequences off my boss's plate. I'm surprised that this isn't already an option within Hubspot/sequences. Is this still being reviewed @glencornell ? Any updates?


I am an EA who has been logging in as my boss to send the email sequences but she is tired of the emails bogging down her sent folder and inbox. Please please please add this feature!


This is such a core feature that the only reason I can see that it hasnt been implemented to to encourage users to upgrade to enteprise and do through workflows. For many that isnt a cost effective option right now 


I am glad to see this is "being reviewed". @ABroadbent  I am in the same position as you, we do not need enterprise, and cannot justify the budget for it. There are a few things that I also think should be in the PRO level.  PRO level users are a large portion and I'd love to get more of them active in upvoting ideas. HubSpot does respond to user feedback.