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Start a sequence on behalf of another HS user

After assigning a Lead to a HS Sales User, I'd like to start a Sequence on their behalf, such that the email in the sequence has the FROM email of the HS Sales User, not me (the initator of the sequence).

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This would make a huge difference to our sales process! 


A vital feature to be added


Agreed! The email selection is already there on the enrollment page. It made me think it was already put in when I saw it, unfortunately only my email is selectable.


This is sorely needed. There are times when I need to add contacts to sequences for people on my team and because I can't do this, our sales process screeches to a halt. 


For instance, right now I have salespersons out due to the holidays. I can't add anyone to a sequence because if I do, it will put them into the sequence as me. That won't work out well since I am in no position to be fielding responses from prospects and I'll most likely miss responses, etc. 


I would highly recommend this be added. Otherwise having people out of the office or having situations where someone is temporarily unavailable and you want to begin reaching out 

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As an agency that helps clients in multiple HubSpot instances, this ability would be FANTASTIC!


Hi @glencornell ! Thank you for the update in October, good to know you have picked this up!

Would it be possible to give us a new update one soon? Has this been added to the roadmap, and if so, do you have any idea when this feature might be available?

It's clearly something a lot of your passionate customers are in the need of 🙂

Thanks a lot!


What are you waiting for ?


Every day I login to HubSpot and every day I wonder why this still has not happened. This is severely hurting our sales performance and usability of HubSpot as a whole. Any ETA on if/when this will be added?

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Would really like to see this implemented. As an agency that helps our clients, this is a much needed feature.


We really want this implemented! Sequences is the best tool for the marketing team to send emails to new prospects, but we want our sales team to field any questions coming back from the prospects and arranging meetings when they come in positively. Massive support for this feature.


I wanted to upvote this and voice my strong interest in adding the ability for Super Admins or other users (e.g. Marketing) to be able to create and deploy sequences on behalf of other users (e.g. Sales). Empowering marketing to create and deploy sequences on behalf of a sales rep seems to me to be pretty standard from company to company. What is the likelihood that this will be implemented?


+1 to have this functionnality. 


I would need it to do some cold email campaign on behalf of my business dev ! 😃 Today i need to connect with him to launch the sequence . Such waist of time !


Thank you


This feature would've helped me so me much in the last year or so. Hoping it comes soon! 

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@glencornell Now that we're in 2021... any word? As someone who provides support to our sales team, I'd love to be able to launch sequences for them when they are traveling or on vacation. I'm sure there are many orgs with sales admins or sales assistants that would like to do this. Sending marketing emails is a bad workaround for our industry, because those emails tend to get stuck in our users aggressive spam filters. When marketing emails are sent, they are also not logged on the deal feed like a sequence would be, so it's hard to see what's been sent without going into the contacts. I saw marketing emails now have reply rates, which is great given that's one of the reasons we switched everything to sequences. Marketing emails didn't have the data we needed - reply rates and meeting booking rates.


@glencornell Agreed, my firm would love an update and anticipated timeline. 


Please do so, I am in insides sales rep that needs to work on sequences for other sales teams, and I am not able to help them. 

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 we need this update, please do it


please add this feature!


Our marketing team owns the communications portion and process of what our sales team sends out in sequences. Definately need the ability to log in as those users OR send sequences on their behalf somehow.