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Standard MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Property

As a subscription business MRR / ARR rather than revenue is our key metric for sales. 


We've had to use formulas and custom properties to get the numbers and reporting we need - however, this is still a bit of a hack and we're still a second class citizen to standard revenue reports and deal object information. 


For me this should be a 'toggle' between revenue and 'mrr'. So on something like the deal board, I can see an MRR amount rather than the revenue total and the board totals are for MRR. 


Plus deal stage forecasting actually works out the box for our MRR targets. 


Plus we can also set goals against our MRR target!


Seems like a no brainer - if you have have a few thousand subscription businesses using and paying for hubspot then you need to offer this!

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As a SaaS company, this would be VERY helpful to our team too!


We also need this for our integration with PandaDoc - at the moment you cannnot display the MRR Total in the contract as there is no property for it on the Deal an you can't create a custom property linked to the Product


Would love to see number reporting that tells a story for the finance teams - how many upvotes do we need to get this fired up?


As a SaaS company, this would be also KEY for our reporting ! 

Avoiding to do it in an external tool 



Yes, I want that!


This idea came up back in 2019 and there is still no way to display the mrr in month. 
That´s like the most basic feature for a CRM?! Big Upvote! 
@hubspot please take care of this report!  


Our products are consumed as a subscription service where customers may purchase several years in advance to receive a discount. We have custom business logic that calculates ARR, but we cannot set the ARR value for a deal via API v3. Moreover, since we are programmatically creating our deals by inserting line items into HubSpot via API v3, we cannot trigger any built-in ARR calculations that HubSpot may provide. It would be great if we could set the ARR value via the API, or failing that, be able to set custom rules for calculating ARR and trigger a workflow in HubSpot that would update the ARR whenever the line items on a deal changed.

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For anyone still monitoring this thread, at Hype & Dexter, we have created a micro-app that can be installed in any account with Sales-Pro or Above.


In essence, the app, which can be built into a workflow, will enable you to set a Date Property for a designated period of time AFTER another date property. E.g 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year or any combination of the above. 


This, combined with a couple of clever workflows, has enabled us to truly create a functioning Recurring Revenue Pipeline for ourselves, and we're starting to offer this to our clients and other HubSpot Community Members (posting as replies to people needing this type of feature). 


For the example given above, you'd be able to have your Close Date on the Deal, your Recurring Revenue Start Date on the Deal, and the app would format your Recurring Revenue Period End Date. This way I have used it to either just Report Month by Month for the Month ahead, OR report 12 months ahead from the Recurring Revenue Start Date, while being able to halt reporting 6 months in, if the company were to Churn. 


Because of this, we can ALSO report on Average Lifetime, Average Lifetime Value and given those metrics, what each churned Client means to your business - not to mention if your Sales Model is commission-based, help gauge the Revenue to Commission ratio your Sales Team are generating over a period of time.  


If this is of interest to anyone here you're more than welcome to Click here to schedule a Recurring Revenue Demo


Definitely something we need as a SaaS company!