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Staging Enhancement

It would be awesome if we could get an option to create a cloned page in our staging environment and break the link from the original cloned page. I often have to create new pages in staging and it is not good when we publish the staged page and it wipes out the original page.


The existing staging capability is great for existing pages - but when we want to stage a new design across multiple pages it would be much easier to clone the staged version and be able to publish as a totally new page without impacting the original page.





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HubSpot Product Team

Hi Andrew, we do have this feature newly available! You can now choose to "Stage Detached Clone" when you create a page in Content Staging. When you publish this detached clone, if won't override the original it was cloned from. Instead, it will publish as a new standalone page. 

I discovered this new feature yesterday while reviewing this with our web developers. A very welcome addition!

Thanks so much!!!!!!