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Staggering Email Sends to Achieve better Open Rates

Creating the ability to stagger the send time on large bulk automated emails that are going to multiple list segments, directly from the Send function within the email. 


Email clients and spam filters are adapting to the increasing volume of marketing emails (traditional email marketing & SDR emails alike).  Helpful techniques include sending emails at various times, especially when emails are going out in bulk. This aids in getting through spam filters and firewalls. 

Ex. Sending a promotion out to 1K+ contacts. The best practice is to segment lists to 50-75 contacts (for deliverability purposes) and then use Workflows to automate. Through the workflows, there is an option to add a delay of function, which does work, but it is not efficient. 

This idea was posted back in 2017 here:

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HubSpot has built-in send time optimization for HubSpot Sales One-to-One email - see image.


HubSpot Built-In Best Times To Send TechnologyHubSpot Built-In Best Times To Send Technology

- see Schedule a one-to-one email from the CRM - How does HubSpot determine the best time...?

We also like Seventh Sense for their advanced Sales One-to-One email AND Marketing One-to-Many email send time optimization. Seventh Sense use AI and machine learning to increase deliverability. The more email we send, the smarter it gets. And their email throttling functionality allows us to pause campaigns, make changes and spread the load on our systems (and salespeople) -- i.e., without the need for send-time A/B testing.

- see [VIDEO (2 mins)] Seventh Sense - Intelligent Email for HubSpot
- see Finding the Best Time to Send Email with Seventh Sense


I think one of the main differences between Hubspot and other sales/marketing automation tools is that there is no possibility to distribute a large amount of emails sent over a period of time (for instance, every 1 or 2 minutes instead of all together at the same time). This is becoming more and more important in order to guarantee a certain level of email deliverability.

Is it something are you going to release in the following months?


We're starting up a new transactional instance to send important event notifications to our guests, but not having this capability to stagger sends has made sending extremely difficult as it's getting blocked by thousands of contacts.


Hubspot needs to add this to be with the times before this becomes an enormous problem for others as well.


Agree with @annadiduenjoy - the ability to easily control the staggered sends of cohorts of a single list would be super helpful.


I built out a workaround for my clients e-mail staggering needs. I added two custom properties to all clients, E-Mail Group Day and E-Mail Group Number. (I added day and group number because my client sends e-mails to hundreds of thousands of people at a time. If you have smaller lists, you could just do group number) Create an Excel spreadsheet with all of your clients, and add the Group Day and Group Number columns. In the "Group Day" column, enter in Monday, then on the next client Tuesday, and so on. Then, for the "Group Number" column, write in the number 1 for the first client, then 2 for the next, until you get to 20. Then, drage those entries for both columns to the bottom, so that all the boxes are filled with a day and a number. (Tip: to avoid company wide spam filters, sort list by company name before entering the numbers to ensure those at the same company receive the email at different times). Then, upload the list to hubspot with the new property data included for all clients. Then you can move on to the workflow build I have attached below. Let me know if this helps!

Step 1 Stagger.pngStep 2 Stagger.pngStep 3 Stagger.png