Stacked 100% Dashboard Charts

Hi, it would be helpful to have the stacked bar charts display the percentage of each value within the bar. More specifically, a stacked bar chart out of 100% would display the % out of 100% that any of the values take up. 

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Adding the data to the stacked charts would be immensely helpful, as would an explanation that they are indeed, stacked charts. Depending on the parameters entered (especially "All Time") the charts can be terribly misleading and confusing as they don't actually show anything except for a series of small circles in line with eachother. Having other data display/chart options available that could be selected to better show the data would be helpful. So instead of ONLY using stacked charts, something like in Google Analytics where you can select a bar chart or a colum chart or pie chart to display the same data.

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Yes, needed! I use this all the time in Excel for showing the relationship of multiple groups of data together, but also over time. Example: By month, the % breakdown of closed deals per type / source / etc. Provides a quick glance of change over time.