Splitting Deal amount into increments

Hello! We are looking to use Hubspot CRM as a revenue forecasting tool. We have our deals set up to where the deal amount reflects the total revenue potential, but in reality the revenue will be won in increments across multiple months or perhaps years. Is there a way to spread the total deal amount across multiple close dates? Basically, looking for a way to split out the total deal amount into increments to avoid having to create all new deals to account for those separate increments. End goal is to visualize total revenue expected across time.



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Upvoted! This would be a really useful feature and allow us to finally get rid of spreadsheets! Perfect for cashflow forcasting, commission calculations etc

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This is helpful for our engineering team -- projects are billed in increments and it would be nice to have them all in the same deal.

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Check out www.quarterone.com - I believe this resolves the issue.

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Look forward to checking this out @MFoulkes!