Splitting Deal Amounts Between Salespeople


At our company there could be a possibility of up to 3 people working on the same deal. Now for reporting and sorting purposes I have created a salesperson 2 and 3 field however, the amount doesn't split between them obviously as they are custom fields.


My proposal is for Hubspot to by default allow for more than one salesperson on a deal and then for the amount in the "Amount" field to be split between them. Going even further it would be extremely beneficial if you could choose the split between them depending on if it is two or three people. (80/20, 33/33/33, 50/50, 70/20/10, etc.)


The main benefit from this is then the ability to pull a report based off of a field that split amount would go in (ex: Salesperson 2 Amount) and then the report would show accurate profit for all salespeople. The way it currently is depending on the whoever the owner is they have WAY more than the others on the same deal because it is putting 100% of the amount onto them which for our viewing purposes isn't accurate.


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Posting here on behalf of a customer! 


Their goal is to have default options for up to 4 representatives to be set as Deal Owners/Co-owners. With this property, they would like to be able to adjust and set the percentage of the deal Amount each representative is responsible for. This would lead to a property that calculates the Amount x Their Percentage, thus showing the amount of revenue from that deal they are responsible for. 


The customer has shared this image showing what they would like to achieve in HubSpot. The highlighted yellow cells are fields that they would like to be editable in HubSpot.


 Deal Revenue Split by Rep.png


Their overarching goal here is to strengthen their reporting. Their desire is to have reports that are adjustable to reflect the different “split” for a deal, rather than the one Amount being attributed to a single Deal Owner.


You can already do that on Salesforce... It would be nice to see that happening, it doesn't seem very tricky to set up for HubSpot. Because using an excel spreadshirt is a nightmare for our finance team, and we're a bit stuck with it at the moment.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

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We're planning this feature - if you're interested in helping us test it in the near future, please send an email with your portal ID to lars (at) hubspot .com