Splitting Deal Amounts Between Salespeople

At our company there could be a possibility of up to 3 people working on the same deal. Now for reporting and sorting purposes I have created a salesperson 2 and 3 field however, the amount doesn't split between them obviously as they are custom fields.


My proposal is for Hubspot to by default allow for more than one salesperson on a deal and then for the amount in the "Amount" field to be split between them. Going even further it would be extremely beneficial if you could choose the split between them depending on if it is two or three people. (80/20, 33/33/33, 50/50, 70/20/10, etc.)


The main benefit from this is then the ability to pull a report based off of a field that split amount would go in (ex: Salesperson 2 Amount) and then the report would show accurate profit for all salespeople. The way it currently is depending on the whoever the owner is they have WAY more than the others on the same deal because it is putting 100% of the amount onto them which for our viewing purposes isn't accurate.


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We have similar structure with multiple salespeople working on the same deal. The ability to assign mutiple hubspot owners as well as delegate a percentage of the overall deal amount to each owner will streamline the efforts of our salespeople as well clean up much of the reporting we do.

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Hey there. We have a pretty similar issue - our sales rep often works on the same deals, which makes it necessary to split the amount into parts/percentages. Currently, we manually duplicate the deals where 2 or more reps were involved and manually change the total amount per each deal. It takes extra time and includes the human factor when could be performed automatically. Would really appreciate if you can make this possible. Thanks 

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Would be nice for us to also have the ability to split deals 

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We have a similar use case where multipe resources/sales reps can touch a deal and help closing it.
If we could split the amount of the deal across multiple hubspot users (doesnt have to be split euqally) that would be extremely helpful to track revenue brought in per resource more accuratly. 

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I totally agree. We have this scenario:
A is deal owner, but B also contributes to this deal so we would split deal amount among A and B.

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This would be a great feauture. And save us having to split deals to apportion them to our sales people. 

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This feature would greatly help us measure salesperson performance, as they often work together on large deals and their 'sale won' totals should be able to reflect that.

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This would valuable for solutions sales, where initial deal might be a small and the overall deal larger